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Four interlocked rings. A simple, elegant, iconic logo that notes the presence of an Audi car or SUV. The brand's origins date back to the early 20th century when August Horch joined his two enterprises –Horch and Audiwerke – with DKW and Wanderer to form the Auto Union in 1932. The name Audi comes from a Latin translation of August's surname as Horch means listen in German, with "audi" the Latin for the same word. The rings we mentioned earlier? Each represents a company that helped form the union back in the 1930s.

Today, Audi represents a forward-looking approach to automotive engineering. From compact convertibles to premium SUVs and now electric vehicles, the Bavarian automaker is keenly focused in delivering luxuriously appointed vehicles that thrill both driver and passenger alike.

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At All Brands Auto Parts, we take pride in offering the authentic parts Audi makes for their models. That ensures a guaranteed fitment and performance you can trust. We offer a wide range, too, delivered straight from the Audi factory to your door, so you can find everything from belts and brake pads to starters and engine parts.

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